"To all my dental colleagues,

After practicing dentistry for 46 years, building a successful practice in a large city and again in a small town, I decided on the day that I retired to make my experiences known to anyone that was willing to listen and learn from them.  I wanted to share my  experiences, discoveries, techniques and wisdom before I forgot them.  I didn’t want the information that I so carefully gathered to crystalize in my brain and go to the grave with me.  Hence,  I created Mentors and Masters. 

I was lucky.  I enjoyed working with people and working my hands so dentistry was a good fit for me.  However at mile marker 13 years, I was frustrated, couldn’t see practicing for another 20 years, and I wasn’t sure what to do.  I had an enormous investment in a career that lacked total fulfillment for me.  I asked myself some soul-searching questions and through my mentors I discovered a path to happiness that I am willing to now share with you in Mentors and Masters.

Unfortunately many dentists experience long-term career frustration and subsequent burn-out prior to their retirement.  They are not interested in spending their retirement years passing on their experience and knowledge to the next generation of dentists. 

I hope that through Mentors and Masters I can help propel your career to the highest level possible.

Best of luck to all of you -

- Thomas E. Hughes, DDS"